I've been hard at work on my university project "Me and Jetson" which, I must admit, I have fallen slightly behind on due to other committments I made earlier in the year (and a trip to Lisbon's MONSTRA Festival) where I had the pleasure to introduce myself to one of my all time favourite film-makers, Bill Plympton.
However, the fruits of my labour paid off recently when Adam Davis, Tom Gran, and myself; representing our collective, Rainbow Club Productions; entered the ‘Rock Against Cancer’ animation competition. The competition was supported by Killing Cancer, a charity set up to champion the treatment known as PDT or Photodynamic Therapy, and the classic rock band Hawkwind. We spent about 2-3 weeks on the project and submitted very close to our deadline, and to our surprise we won! Here's a happy little picture of the three of us, our tutor John Parry, and fellow Rainbow Club member Mark Turpin (of who came down to the screening for moral support.
Rainbow Club Accepting their Award for the Killing Cancer Animation Rock Off

Over the next few days I'll be sharing evidence of my love/hate relationship I have had with Autodesk's Maya during the production stage of my university project, and maybe some sketchbook pages from Lisbon.